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by | Feb 8, 2017 | The Triangle | 1 comment

In the words of Muhammad Ali, “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

While working as a Vice President at a national company over seventeen years ago, I was one of the many corporate workers who didn’t feel satisfied with their job, who was underpaid, and who would never be promoted because they were undermined by their boss.

So what changed? I decided to NOT be a VICTIM of my circumstance, and to choose to WIN!

Seventeen years ago, I received a call that I had never imagined. I was told that my mom, at the age of 53, had a massive heart attack and a brain aneurysm.

I could have easily been a VICTIM and hid behind the EXCUSES of my life, but excuses are just mountains of nothingness. It takes the same energy to make excuses as it does to make progress. We all have CHOICES!

I could have fallen into the “work trap,” where we start using “busy” as a way to stay in our comfort zone and avoid doing the extra activity needed to achieve our result. But I remembered, VICTIMS set low expectations so they’re never disappointed. WINNERS are ALWAYS up for the challenge.

Even in the midst of many success, I became comfortable. VICTIMS love to be comfortable. WINNERS find comfort in uncertainty.

When you become comfortable, you become bored. When you’re bored, you don’t feel challenged. When you don’t feel challenged, it’s time to look in the mirror and do something to recover your passion and purpose.

So how do you become that WINNER and continue to work for what you say you want and continue to trust the process?


Connect and stay in constant conversations with a mentor WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW to receive feedback for growth. We should surrounded ourselves with people whose strengths complement our weaknesses. Strong mentors help us see what we cannot see form our own perspective. By connecting, you are committed to growing and committed to ACTION! You can acquire the trains to become a life-changer.


Prepare for the promotion! Prepare to be successful by educating yourself on the industry, technology, marketing, and rules. By equipping your mind with the knowledge, it will increase your confidence to attract success to you.

What do you need to do to accomplish your goals?

Be Bold and Demand a Positive Attitude

Self-motivate and EMPOWER yourself! CRASH ALL THE CHATTER and put a lid on your human chatter box. Your ability to create, sustain, and renew motivation determines your success. When we live off regret, we become unfocused, undisciplined, unproductive, and unsuccessful. Did you know it was once said that regret does not stimulate FORWARD MOTION? So awaken and stop ignoring your destiny!

Work hard.


Is it the fear of the unknown that stops you? I have found DOING CANCELS FEAR! Move through fear with action. Use your fears to challenge yourself to new heights. Take an adventurous approach to anything you fear. The craziest thing about fear is that it is an emotion that is rarely BASED IN TRUTH. Don’t let some distorted version of reality stop you from making gains in your business. Start taking actions and moving through fear.

Be an Encourager

Be an encourager and an energy giver. Not only is your ability to inspire others important, but be a magnet to extraordinary people.

So put your W’s in the air and remember this Winners, that “impossible is just a word that has been thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing!”


Want to be your boldest self?

Let me show you how!

About Talvia Peterson.

Talvia Peterson is a full-time sales associate of the Fonville Morisey Realty Brier Creek office.

Talvia has spent the last 15 years building global businesses, which allowed her to travel around the world. She now uses her experiences to help home buyers find their perfect home. Her goal for all of her clients is to help making the buying, selling, renting, and relocating the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible.

Talvia is a member of the Raleigh Association of REALTORS®, the North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Fonville Morisey Realty has 11 sales offices, with over 850 associates and employees throughout the Greater Triangle region.  FM offers mortgage, insurance, property management, title services, real estate education courses and relocation services through its divisions and partners. For more information about Fonville Morisey Realty, visit