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by | Dec 19, 2016 | Renovation | 2 comments

Moving to a new state can be extremely overwhelming. There is so much to consider when moving, and it’s especially hard if you are not familiar with the area. While there is a lot we can research on the Internet, it’s still just as important to use other resources as well.

Probably one of the best things you can do to help with a smoother transition is to get a referral to a REALTOR© in the area you are looking to move, from an established, trusted REALTOR© in your current area. Many times, referrals are free, and now you have a point of contact who is knowledgeable and can help guide you through this major life change. This also gives you access to the MLS of the new area rather than relying on public internet sites that may not be up to date.

Moving to a new state.

If at all possible, visit the area you are looking to move to and as much as possible.  Nothing beats driving around and looking at the neighborhoods to determine which will be best suited for you and your lifestyle. You’ll have a better idea of traffic, proximity to shopping, entertainment and schools if you have children.

Research your new state before moving.

If your move is due to your job, check with your employer. Many times when relocating for work, your employer may have benefits for you to help with cost and ease of your move.

If you are moving without a job lined up, that’s where the internet comes in handy. There are plenty of websites to check what type of work is available in the area you are looking to move to. But most importantly, make sure you have enough in savings to cover your expenses for at least 6 months.

By using the resources available to you and taking the time to research, you can make an overwhelming move very manageable.

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