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by | Jan 30, 2017 | Fonville Morisey | 9 comments

Are you resolute?

You’re thinking, that is an odd way to start a blog post. You would be right. Yet understanding this powerful word helps to frame our beliefs and our directions providing road maps to decisions and direction.

The word “resolute” is most often associated with resolutions. For most of us, resolutions come to mind at the beginning of the year when we set our obligatory New Year Resolutions. There are many studies on New Year Resolutions to provide insight on the human behavior and effectiveness of resolutions. According to Statistic Brain, only 58% of US citizens make New Year Resolutions. Of those resolutions set, 41% are given up after a month. Maybe you are reading this and nodding in agreement. But why? What causes people to quit? The answers can be quite complicated. Maybe it is being over complicated.

We should focus on definition of resolute, firm determination, bold, unwavering or steady. My favorite definition of the adjective resolute is: admirably purposeful. The word resolute is most often associated with resolutions. Studies show that if we have a thought that is in alignment with our mindset we can easily process. If things align with our values, it is easy to make the right decisions when faced with a choices. The simple view of resolutions is that we often make them because we think we should or someone else thought we should. If the resolution does not align with our mindset, beliefs or values it is doomed. It is a checks and balance system that makes us or prevents us from being “purposeful” in the pursuit of the resolution.

Some of you may know that our President sits in the Oval Office behind a desk called the Resolute Desk.  The history is that the desk was a gift from Queen Victoria as a thank you for the recovery and return of the HMS Resolute, a ship lost in an Arctic expedition.  Wood from the deck of the ship was used to make the desk.  How powerful is it that our countries leader sits at a desk that’s name provides the inspiration to be “admirably purposeful”!  My hope is that our leader asks, “Am I being purposeful in my pursuits?”

My challenge to you is that we all adopt that posture and be admirably purposeful or resolute in all that we do.  If we live and work in that mindset we have no fears of success in all measures.

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Rod Eller, Senior VP/ Regional Manager of FM Realty

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Eller specializes in building and developing award-winning teams through hands-on coaching and training. His focus on people is a core value that he knows is the key to ensuring a high-performing team and to providing exceptional customer service. Eller’s career and his leadership style have been influenced by many of the great professionals who shaped the real estate industry in North Carolina, including the founders of Fonville Morisey—John “Johnny” Morisey and Thomas “Tommy” Fonville.

Originally from Winston Salem, N.C., Eller is married to a fellow Realtor, Heidi, and they have two grown children, Kaitlin, also a real estate agent, and Drew, and a dog, Piper. An outdoor enthusiast, Eller enjoys camping, fishing, boating, hunting, horseback riding and gardening in his spare time.

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