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If you were to tell me that my Vintage Land Rover would land me a Luxury home listing, I would have thought you were absolutely mad. However, that is exactly what happened to me.

For my husband and I’s 13th anniversary, we purchased a 1972-ish Series III 109 Land Rover as a present to each other. This gift has led us to becoming self-certified Land Rover mechanics, due to all of the repairs we have made and the constant tinkering we still continue to do. It has also led us to meeting many members of the “Land Rover Family,” as well as strangers who strike up conversations with us about our antique Rover. It was one of these “connections” that lead to my first Luxury listing.

"2015 Land Rover 4, next to my 43 year older Rover"

When my daughter befriended a new girl in her 3rd grade class, I reached out to her mother to invite her over. They had recently moved from Wisconsin into Rose Hall subdivision. Her mother, Jennifer, was happy to come over and meet some people in her new area, and when she pulled up in her 2015 Land Rover 4.

Her brand new Land Rover next to my 43 year older Rover was quite the sight, and we had an instant connection. We kept in touch throughout the school year, and chatted daily when we saw each other in the carpool line waiting for our girls to leave school.

A couple of months later, my daughter had one birthday request – to be picked up from the carpool in the Landy. This would be no small feat, as the trip we took to the mountains a couple of weeks prior almost took out the back brakes. But, not to disappoint, my husband worked diligently to repair the brakes so I could pick up my daughter on her birthday.

The day came and the brakes were repaired, but not road tested. I armed myself with two different sized wrenches and a vague understanding of how to adjust brakes and hit the road. I thought everything was fine as I drove until I started to smell smoke. I pulled over to check the brakes, made a few minor adjustments, and continued my trek across town. I had to stop two more times along the way to fix the brakes, but I made it to the carpool line in time to pick up my daughter. I was sweating and covered in grease as I explained my ordeal to Jennifer as I waited for my daughter. She must have thought I was absolutely insane.

Just insane enough to sell her luxury property. One day, out of the blue, I received a phone call from Jennifer, asking me to be the listing agent on her $850,000+ listing. Even though I was a relatively new agent and this was my first Luxury listing, she trusted me to do a great job and I knew I had a great company to rely on with resources I could use and people I could call on.

Jennifer’s home sold without a hitch to happy homebuyers.  I still find myself thinking about how I got my first luxury listing and realize that sometimes there are no words. The thing is, you never know where your next listing will come from. It could be someone you’ve known your entire life, or someone you see in the carpool line at school. I stayed true to myself, real to what I know, and kept my passions ignited.

Luxury Home Listing with FM Realty Luxury Collection

This is my challenge to all – be passionate in life, and the spaces in the blanks will be filled. Oh, and life is always better with a Landy in the drive.

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About Caroline Carter

REALTOR Caroline Carter, of the Fonville Morisey Vandora Office

Caroline Carter is a full-time sales associate of the Fonville Morisey Realty Vandora Office.

As a North Carolina native, Caroline has lived in the Triangle for the past 14 years. She is passionate about fixing and taking care of what we have and what we are given, as well as helping people. Her diverse background, of stone sculpting, home remodeling, and painting, have led her to real estate and Fonville Morisey Realty.

Caroline is a member of the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®, the North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Fonville Morisey Realty has 11 sales offices, with over 850 associates and employees throughout the Greater Triangle region.  FM offers mortgage, insurance, property management, title services, real estate education courses and relocation services through its divisions and partners. For more information about Fonville Morisey Realty, visit