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by | Sep 22, 2016 | Marketing |

“You know your business. We know people.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Facebook knows people extremely well, due to information we willingly share while setting up and provide while using the platform. From the name of our friends and family to where we like to eat and shop, Facebook sits on a highly useful wealth of information about its 1.4 billion users.

Facebook Advertising

Here is where you come into the picture – Facebook Advertising for your Business.

By taking advantage of Facebook’s user information, you are able to create Facebook Ads. These highly targeted advertisements, created by users using their Business Page, can drill down into user information to make sure you are reaching the right leads and potential clients.

The amount of information at your fingertips is unbelievable. According to Life Hacker, Ad users can target as specifically as “someone who is engaged to be married, who lives in New York, between the ages of 20-30, who likes swimming, and who drives a BMW.” Imagine taking the time to drill down and altering the search criteria to fit your needs. No more wondering if the ideal client will see your listing information, now you can make sure it shows up directly in their Facebook News Feed.

Not looking to promote a listing? Facebook offers multiple additional offerings, many which can be catered to your unique real estate goals. You are able to promote your Facebook Business page, send people to your website, reach people near your business, and raise attendance at an event.

The best part of this whole thing, besides being able to reach the exact people you want each and every time?

It’s cheap. You can spend as little as $5 a day and reach thousands of people.

A lot of people who view Facebook as a free marketing platform will have a hard time with this, and I get it. You should not have to pay when you have a huge Business following. However, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Facebook is turning into a pay-to-play platform. Due to their ever changing algorithm, you cannot be certain that your posts will show up where you want them to and who will actually see them. By paying to use Ads, you can ensure your posts will be seen by people of your choice.

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