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by | Aug 12, 2019 | Fonville Morisey Awards |

Congratulations to the July Associates and Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office

Listing: Frankie Hagan, Carmen & Carraway, Triangle Specialist II

Listings Sold: Frankie Hagan, Carmen & Carraway, Triangle Specialist II

Selling: Frankie Hagan, Carmen & Carraway, Triangle Specialist II

Manager’s Award: Frankie Hagan, Brooke Buchanan, TLC Team, Carmen & Carraway, Gombatz Group, Triangle Specialists, Triangle Specialist II

Chapel Hill Office

Listing: Jennifer Patterson, Carolina RE Coalition Team

Listings Sold: Jennifer Patterson, The Jennifer Stenner Team

Selling: Viki Pace-Smith, Carolina RE Coalition Team

Durham Office

Listing: Tonya Snow-Saleeby, Darst Success Team, Premier Agents Network

Listings Sold: Larry Pulley, The Hanan Group, Premier Agents Network

Selling: David Jenkins, Darst Success Team, Front Door 54 Team

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: Jason Brooks, The English Team

Listings Sold: Carol Ferrell, The English Team

Selling: Jason Brooks, The English Team

Manager’s Award: Jason Brooks, The Penny Team

Lochmere Office

Listing: Lisa McQuillen, Garner/Tanas Group, Hendren TeamSOLD

Listings Sold: Giselle Morgan, Garner/Tanas Group, Hendren TeamSOLD

Selling: Deb Lepper, The M&M Team, The Gluckin Group

Manager’s Award: Deb Lepper, Debbie VanHorn, Emina Wayne, Giselle Morgan, Jenn Rowland, Lisa McQuillen, Pam Summers, Rich Massong, Bern Bullard Team, Linda Garner Team, Garner/Tanas Group, M&M Team, Zies Realty Group, The Gluckin Group, Hendren TeamSOLD, Kelly Cobb Home Team, Scott Korbin Team

Midtown Office

Listing: Laurie Parker, Mary Greenoe Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Listings Sold: Laurie Parker, Brown-Bowers Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Selling: Dawn Gupton, Capital City Realty Group, Pool-Hamilton Team

Preston Office

Listing: Cristina Davis

Listings Sold: Jill Furgiuele, Guemple Realty Team

Selling: Wesley Carter, Guemple Realty Team

Manager’s Award: Kim Dennis, Tracy Santrock, The RTP Team, Guemple Realty Team

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Rob Partin, Horowitz/Bouchard Team, John Hawkins Team

Listings Sold: Inga Kaidel, Horowitz/Bouchard Team, John Hawkins Team

Selling: Sudie Wagner, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Triangle East Office

Listing: Shane Ryals, Stancil/Raynor Team

Listings Sold: Kathy Hill, The Stevens Team, Capps/Fleming Team

Selling: Amie Simmons, The Stevens Team, Capps/Fleming Team

Managers Award:  Shane Ryals, Amie Simmons, Hamilton Greene, Kathy Hill, Stancil/Raynor Team, The Stevens Team, Capps-Fleming Team


Wake Forest Office

Listing: JoAnna Robinson

Listings Sold: Donna Thompson; Renew Realty Team

Selling: Donna Thompson; Renew Realty Team

Manager’s Award: Danny Von Orsdale, Melda Dunn, Donna Thompson, Anthony Laurie

Certified Associate Award: . Jeremy Burns, Paige Wilson