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by | Nov 13, 2018 | Fonville Morisey Awards |

Congratulations to the October Associates and Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office

Listing: Emilee Carraway, Total Package Team, Gombatz Group

Listings Sold: Peggy Duke, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Selling: Charles Christiansen, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists

Manager Awards: Emilee Carraway, Charles Christiansen, Peggy Duke, Angela Drum Team, TLC Team, Gombatz Group, Triangle Specialists, Triangle Specialists II

Chapel Hill Office

Listing: Viki Pace-Smith, Carolina Real Estate Coalition

Listings Sold: Jennifer Patterson, Koonce & Estacio

Selling: Jennifer Patterson, The Jennifer Stenner Team

Durham Office

Listing: Cathy Thacker, Team Front Door 54

Listings Sold: Justin Burleson, Team Front Door 54

Selling: Justin Burleson, Team Front Door 54

Manager Awards: Lisa Borer, Justin Burleson, Laleh Rostami, Michael Sullivan, Janis Pulley, Thomas Shaffer, Cathy Thacker, Darst Success Team, Dwelling Place Team, Team Front Door 54, The Kim Hanan Group, Julian Jahoo Team

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: Sharon Pierce, John & Sandy English Team

Listings Sold: Cynthia Parker, John & Sandy English Team

Selling: Derrick Thornton, John & Sandy English Team

Manager Awards: Cynthia Parker, Derrick Thornton, and John & Sandy English Team

Lochmere Office

Listing: Debbie Van Horn, The Thompson DeRosa Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Listings Sold: Debbie Van Horn, Bern Bullard Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Selling: Patty McLaughlin, The M&M Team, The Gluckin Group

Manager Awards: Jen Daube, Kim Decker, Melinda Deigan, Sharon Gupton, Amber Lemon, Larry Lewis, Patty McLaughlin, Denise Peoples, Liz Radman, Lowell Thornton, Debbie Van Horn, The Gluckin Group, Kelly Cobb Home Team, TeamSOLD, The M&M Team, The Thompson DeRosa Team

Midtown Office

Listing: Chad Doggett, Jordan-McGinnis Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Listings Sold: Mark Hughes, Jordan-McGinnis Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Selling: Laurie Parker, Team Gross, Pool-Hamilton Team

Preston Office

Listing: Wesley Carter

Listings Sold: Lisa Miller

Selling: Carol Risucci, The RTP Team

Manager Awards: Wesley Carter, Lisa Miller, Kim Dennis, The RTP Team

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Rob Partin, Horowitz/Bouchard Team, John Hawkins Team

Listings Sold: Rob Partin, J. T. Atwell Team, John Hawkins Team

Selling: Linda Nuxoll, J. T. Atwell Team, John Hawkins Team

Vandora Office

Listing: Emilie Schmidt, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team

Listings Sold: Tammy McGee, Triangle Home Locator Team

Selling: Amie Simmons, Triangle Home Locator Team

New Homes Listing: Stancil/Raynor Team

Manager Awards: Kathy Hill, Amie Simmons, Hamilton Greene, Jean Stevens, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team


Wake Forest Office

Listing: Laura Pedersen, Two Sisters Realty

Listings Sold: Ryann Buff

Selling: Clay Thomas

Manager Awards: Ryann Buff, Laura Pedersen, Clay Thomas, Donna Thompson