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Congratulations to the March Associates and Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office

Listing: Talvia Peterson, Next Stage Team, Triangle Specialists

Listings Sold: Judy Childress, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists

Selling: Emilee Carraway, Next Stage Team, Triangle Specialists

Quarter Referral Associate: Talvia Peterson

Manager Awards: Angela Drum Team, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists, Triangle Specialists II, The Gombatz Group, The Holoman Group, Next Stage Realty, Talvia Peterson

Chapel Hill Office

Listing:  Chad Lloyd, Koonce & Estacio, Carolina RE Coalition

Listings Sold:  Chad Lloyd, The Jennifer Stenner Team, Carolina RE Coalition

Selling:  Jennifer Patterson, Koonce & Estacio, Carolina RE Coalition

Quarter Referral Associate:  Chad Lloyd

Croasdaile Office

Listing: Holly Hayes, The Kim Hanan Group

Listings Sold: Holly Hayes, The Kim Hanan Group

Selling: Holly Hayes, The Darst Success Team

Manager Awards: Hope Galunas, Holly Hayes, Jeanette Hussey, Tonya Snow-Saleeby, Michael Sullivan, The Kim Hanan Team, The Darst Success Team

Highway 54 Office

Listing: Dusty Butler, Julian Jahoo Team

Listings Sold: Justin Burleson, Dwelling Place Team

Selling: Bill Barefoot, NC Triangle Home Team

Quarter Referral Associate: Justin Burleson

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: Greyson Sargent, John & Sandy English Team

Listings Sold: Greyson Sargent, Penny Realty Group

Selling: Bo Bromhal, John & Sandy English Team

Quarter Referral Associate: Sandy English

Manager Awards: Greyson Sargent, John & Sandy English Team, Penny Realty Group

Lochmere Office

Listing: Debbie Van Horn, The M&M Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Listings Sold: Debbie Van Horn, The M&M Team, Hendren TeamSOLD

Selling: Melinda Deigan, Dennis/Massong Team, Hendren TeamSOLD

Quarter Referral Associate: Suzan Smith

Manager Awards: Melinda Deigan, Peggy Dixon, Michelle Graham, Sharon Gupton, Deb Lepper, Julie Lovett, Patty McLaughlin, Lisa McQuillen, Giselle Morgan, Tom Murel, D’Lynn Nettles, Denise Peoples, Marino Pirozzolo, Marie Santino, Jessica Sulzen, Debbie Van Horn, Emina Wayne, Gary Jeffries Team, The M&M Team, TeamSOLD, Kelly Cobb Home Team, Zies Realty Group

Midtown Office

Listing: Laurie Parker, TeamGross

Listings Sold: Steven Strickland, Mary Greenoe Team

Selling: Laurie Parker, Connor Team

Quarter Referral Associate: Lisa Paula & Geoff Gross

Preston Office

Listing: Tracy Santrock, The RTP Team

Listings Sold: Aurea Oliveira, Guemple Realty Team

Selling: Christina Morris, The RTP Team

New Homes Listing: Fariba Valanejad

Quarter Referral Associate: Beth Peterson

Manager Awards: Christina Morris, Aurea Oliveira, Tracy Santrock, Guemple Realty, The RTP Team

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Isabel Moss, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Listings Sold: Rob Partin, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Selling: Rob Partin, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Quarter Referral Associate: Rob Partin

Vandora Office

Listing, Kathy Hill, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team

Listings Sold: Kathy Hill, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team

Selling: Tammy McGee, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team

New Homes Listing: Stancil/Raynor Team

Quarter Referral Associate: Kathy Stancil

Manager Awards: Kathy Hill, Amie Simmons, Kelly Mathews, John Alford, Tammy McGee, Kimberly Rowley, Shane Ryals, Jean Stevens, Carol Sims, Rhomni Williams, Lois Kurtz, Stancil/Raynor Team, Triangle Home Locator Team

Wake Forest Office

Listing: Janet Rose

Listings Sold: Ryann Buff

Selling: Melda Dunn

Quarter Referral Associate: Krista Beattie