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by | Mar 14, 2019 | Fonville Morisey Awards |

Congratulations to the February Associates and Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office

Listing: Emilee Carraway, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Listings Sold: Emilee Carraway, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Selling: Sue Roper, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists

Manager Awards: Charles Christiansen, Frankie Hagan, David Johnson, TLC Team, Gombatz Group, Triangle Specialists, Triangle Specialists II

Chapel Hill Office

Listing: Chad Lloyd, Carolina RE Coalition

Listings Sold: Jennifer Patterson, The Jennifer Stenner Team

Selling: Jennifer Patterson, Carolina RE Coalition

Durham Office

Listing: Dusty Butler, Premier Agents Network

Listings Sold: Logan Carter, Premier Agents Network

Selling: David Jenkins, Premier Agents Network

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: Jill Donley, John & Sandy English Team

Listings Sold: Rick Borelli, Woodard Realty Team

Selling: Leigh Grieco, John & Sandy English Team

Manager Awards: John & Sandy English Team

Lochmere Office

Listing: Debbie Van Horn, The M&M Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Listings Sold: Jen Rowland, M&M Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Selling: Tom Murel, The Thompson DeRosa Team, The Gluckin Group

Manager’s Award: Esther Giambalvo, Tom Murel, Barry Hester, Melinda Deigan, Jen Rowland, Patii Breitenbach, Debbie Van Horn, Thompson DeRosa, Zies Realty Group, Kelly Cobb Home Team, Scott Korbin Team, The Gluckin Group, The M&M Team, Hendren TeamSOLD

Midtown Office

Listing: Chad Doggett, Brooks-Warren Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Listings Sold: Beth Gonella, Brooks-Warren Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Selling: MaryBurr Edwards, Capital City Realty Group, Pool-Hamilton Team

Preston Office

Listing: Carol Risucci, Guemple Realty Team

Listings Sold: Linda Britt, The RTP Team

Selling: Christina Norman, Guemple Realty Team

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Rob Partin, J.T. Atwell Team, John Hawkins Team

Listings Sold: Julia Cowlbeck, J.T. Atwell Team, John Hawkins Team

Selling: Julia Cowlbeck, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Vandora Office

Listing: Tammy McGee, Capps/Fleming Team

Listings Sold: Kathy Hill, Capps/Fleming Team

Selling: Amie Simmons, Capps/Fleming Team

Wake Forest Office

Listing: Donna Thompson; Two Sisters Realty

Listings Sold: Janet Rose; Two Sisters Realty

Selling: Danny Van Orsdale, Two Sisters Realty

Managers Award: Donna Thompson; Two Sisters Realty; Danny Van Orsdale