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Fonville Morisey Career Development Offers Discount to Military Personnel

Contributed by Sharon Pelt, Vice President of Career Development

“It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are or what industry you’re in, veterans have the skills that you’re looking for,” said Lisa Rosser, CEO and founder of The Value of a Veteran, a human resources consulting and training firm. ~ From the Forbes article – Military Vets Bring Talent, Leadership to the Work Force

We couldn’t agree more.

Fonville Morisey Career Development is pleased to announce that we are offering a discount on our pre-licensing courses for all active duty and retired military personnel.

Garner Veterans Memorial FMRealty

With the war in Afghanistan winding down, it has been estimated that by the end of the year some 220,000 service personnel will be flooding the job market. With a still struggling economy it may be difficult for many to transition to new careers.

For some, a real estate career may be a great fit. For others, just having the opportunity to take a real estate course may be a stepping stone to other opportunities.

In the month of May when we pause to honor those service members who will never come home, we want to reach out in some small way to help those who are returning and seeking to rebuild their lives.

For more information on a real estate career, or how to sign up for a class and receive the discount, please visit We look forward to hearing from you.

Image of the Garner Veterans Memorial courtesy of Fonville Morisey Realty. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.


Social Media and the Real Estate Agent – Tips and Best Practices

The following contribution is by Warren Sumner, Sales Associate with the Triangle Specialist Team out of our Fonville Morisey Brier Creek sales office and is reprinted with permission by the publisher, Circa Magazine. Warren recently wrote an article about the very real problem of social media addiction that included not only tips about how to avoid it, but also how to use social media successfully as a real estate agent. The article also quotes Lisa Sullivan, Digital Media Marketing Director and Laura Pedersen, Sales Associate out of our Fonville Morisey Wake Forest sales office as well. Thanks to all for sharing your insights and expertise on this topic!

FMRealty image mobile appsYou see it in every park, every movie theater, at every concert or sporting event. The soft glow of the face of a smartphone; the frantic typing of thumbs sending the latest text, the latest tweet. These devices dominate our society, our cars while they head down the highway, our dinner tables at night. The worlds of real estate and social media are naturally intertwined, with promotion and client communication through Facebook, Google Plus, Linked-In and Twitter proving as the lifeblood of some new agents. As ‘plugged in’ as we all are, however, there are those who would believe that we’ve never been more disconnected from one another.

Boost Mobile recently conducted a survey of 500 Australian young adults and 60% admitted an addiction to social media. The Mobile Youth Report for 2012 found that 20-29 year olds spend a full two hours interacting socially online. Per, a small business entrepreneurs blog, the average American spends 24% of their workday “cyber loafing.” and an estimated 350 million social media users suffer from Facebook Addiction Syndrome. There is an official term for the world’s growing addiction to social media: Social Media Addiction Disorder.

A local Life Coach, Unpack Your Life’s Danica Trebel, said she has seen this phenomenon often in her counseling work with Triangle families –

“The introduction of and dependence on social media in today’s society has all but eliminated the need for “real life” conversations in families and other personal relationships. With the busy schedules everyone keeps these days, I agree it’s much better to send a quick text or post a “thinking of you” on a person’s wall. The flip side of that, however, is more important topics are often sent electronically, and since “tone” can rarely be translated in texts or FB posts, many times the meanings of these correspondences end up in miscommunications and misunderstandings. Our society is geared toward instant gratification, and smart phones play perfectly into the deconstruction of life skills and relationships…. it’s nearly impossible to foster a healthy relationship of any kind without in-person connections being the main form of communication.”

Time Management is Key!

LisaSullivan_SocialMediaviaHouseofMatadorLisa Sullivan, the Digital/Social Media Marketing Director at Fonville Morisey Realty, doesn’t disagree with the negative impact social media can have on personal relationships; but just isn’t as quick to paint Facebook, Twitter and the like as the “Great Satan” others make them out to be. Sullivan spends much of her day online, as her professional responsibility of managing the company’s online presence, and educating its agents on using social media in their careers, gives her a unique perspective.

“I’m on social platforms in some capacity eight hours a day for what I do for Fonville Morisey so professionally, I’m more of the exception than the rule,” she said. “What it really boils down to is time management. Whether personally or professionally, you have to decide how you want to spend your time online as well as offline in order to maintain balance – work-life, online marketing versus offline marketing, personal vs. professional, etc. Professionally, you can’t ignore digital media now that search and social are so intertwined. You have to be where your customers are. Personally, you create a different set of parameters of where you want to be and for how long you wish to engage on whichever platform you have chosen. I don’t always feel the need to check into Foursquare whenever I go somewhere.”

So what does the social media addict do to change their ways?

According to Trebel, there is a pathway out, but it takes a lot of work.

“I would recommend a person make a list of his or her priorities and then pay attention to where the majority of his time is being focused. If the person is filling a void of some sort with FB or texting while driving, I would help that person set guidelines and goals (using baby steps) as a way to curb their dependence on their smartphone. For instances, rather than keeping the phone next to them while driving and hearing its subtle yet endearing pleas ‘ to only have eyes for it’, I suggest leaving it in a place it can’t be reached until after the car is safely parked at its destination. Awareness is key in this process, so take one step at a time, do your best to repair relationships through one-on-one conversations and forgive yourself when it doesn’t happen “perfectly” after just one day. Your self talk is just as important as any other conversation you have, and so turn off the smartphone and call a friend who cares…for real!”

Know your client

Unfortunately for Fonville Morisey Wake Forest agent, Laura Pedersen, that wasn’t an option last year, during the destruction surrounding Hurricane Sandy. With lines of other communication down, Pedersen was forced to activate and a Twitter account just to stay in contact with family members in the affected areas. “ I had only used social media a little before that experience; some light usage on Linked In, not much to speak of. I joined Twitter (during Hurricane Sandy) because it was the only way I could stay connected to my family members up there.”

Pedersen said through that experience and trainings in Fonville Morisey Realty classes, she has adopted more of a social media presence…to a point.

“I employ social media on a limited basis in my day. I think a good general rule is to know your client; know how they want to be communicated with. My Baby Boomer clients want to be seen in person, whereas my Millennials would be perfectly content if they could handle the entire transaction through text message. It’s just a matter of knowing what works best for every group.”

Pedersen quotes motivational speaker Patricia Fripp to sum up her online communications philosophy: ‘Technology doesn’t run an enterprise, relationships do.’ You really have to get to know someone,” Pedersen says. “Social media is only a tool.”

A previous version of this blog ran in Circa Magazine a lifestyle magazine based in North Raleigh and Wake Forest.

Image of mobile apps credit to Fonville Morisey.

Image of individual using a social media application courtesy of Raleigh-based House of Matador Photography and Art. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.


Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies Instructor Sam Pyrtle Receives Praise

Sam Pyrtle Fonville Morisey School InstructorThe Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies holds many classes per week taught by eight highly-regarded intelligent Instructors in their field of expertise – the North Carolina Real Estate market. One of those instructors, Sam Pyrtle, received some wonderful accolades from two of his students as they completed the Pre-Licensing day class offered recently and we wanted to share them with you.

From Laura

I cannot say enough great things about our Instructor, Sam Pyrtle. He is very well-educated, and it especially helped that he earned a B.A. in Economics. That came in handy for the math portions of the material.

He gives real world examples which promotes a greater understanding of the material too. If I had questions while reading (the materials provided), he was easily able to clarify with his presentation and well-organized materials.

Everyone at Fonville Morisey has been wonderful! Thank you so very much. Looking forward to working with everyone.

From D.H.

I have not been in a classroom setting in twenty years. I was very intimidated about the concept of the classroom environment. My fears were extinguished by Day 2 (of this course) and confidence was being built every day thereafter.

I can’t put into words how appreciative I am for this new opportunity and how enjoyable the process getting here was. The experience has given me the hope to continue on and complete my college objectives too, which I have been reluctant to fulfill.

Thank you so very much!

Kudos to you, Sam, for a job well done!

The next Broker Pre-Licensing  day class will run from 9:00am-4:30pm Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from October 30th-December 13th. Registration is easy! For more information on this or any of our other classes being offered, including the only NC State Review for out of state agents looking to obtain a license in NC being offered in the Triangle, please check our class schedule.

If you’ve taken a class with Sam or any of our other wonderful Instructors, please tell us in the comments below how they have helped you in your career. We’d love to hear about it!



Fonville Morisey Offers NEW Simply State Exam Review Course

The following contribution comes from our Sharon Pelt, VP of Career Development at Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies. Thank you, Sharon for bringing our audience up-to-date with all that FM’s Real Estate school provides!

If you are planning to relocate to NC and practice real estate, significant changes to the North Carolina state exam were implemented on March 1, 2012.  The new exam now consists of two different types of questions: national and state-specific, meaning questions that are very specific in terms of how real estate is practiced in North Carolina.

The applicant is given four hours to complete the test and the pass rate is 75%. Feedback from our students indicates that the state-specific portion of the exam is quite challenging.

For students who have completed a pre-licensing course through the Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies, they are finding that they are well prepared for the test.

A group that is experiencing a special challenge are those people who are relocating to North Carolina from other states in which they are licensed.  The new rules require that anyone who is licensed in another state and wishes to be licensed to practice real estate here in N. C. must take the state-specific portion of the exam. These applicants are having a lot of difficulty finding study material to help them prepare for the test.

At Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies we have developed a Simply State Exam Review to assist those who need this type of information. We offer a LIVE one-day session on a quarterly basis as well as a downloadable version of the material available for purchase on our website at

“Vicki (Ferneyhough) is an enthusiastic, energetic, informative instructor who is extremely well informed on a wide variety of real estate subjects” – Koppel H., Newport Beach, CA who incidentally took the Red Eye to attend class and return to California promptly thereafter.

If you are interested in attending the quarterly Simply State Exam Review session in person, please visit our website for information on how to register . We’d love to have you!

It’s never easy making a move from one state to another and if you’re a real estate agent who wishes to obtain licensure in your new “home” state, we at Fonville Morisey are prepared to help you. We hope you’ll contact us today.

What other difficulties are you experiencing as you look to obtain licensure in North Carolina? Please let us know in the comments below. Our dialog might help others experiencing the same difficulties. You never know!

Business For Life 3 Gets Chick-Fil-A for Lunch!

Normally, we don’t bother to write long drawn out posts about what we eat for lunch. We know you really don’t care, do you? This is a little different and let us tell you why.

Our Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies begun a new program last fall called “Business For Life”. Taught by Vicki Ferneyhough, this class is for our agents that are dedicated to making an impact on their business. We wrote about this program back in October.

Attendance isn’t mandatory but commitment is and as a reward for all their hard work throughout the course, participants are treated to lunch on the day of their final presentations. This week, Chick-Fil-A at North Hills provided the nourishment and we were there to capture it all on film!

Congratulations to the participants of the third class of Business For Life. You’ve jump started your career to a whole new level. We wish you well!