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by | Apr 16, 2019 | Fonville Morisey Awards |

Congratulations to the March Associates and Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office

Listing: Linda Ellison, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Listings Sold: Tim Triggs, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Selling: Hunter Warren, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists II

Quarter Referral: Sue Goodwin

Manager’s Award: Hunter Warren, Tim Triggs, Linda Ellison, Carmen and Carraway Team, TLC Team, Gombatz Group, Triangle Specialists, Triangle Specialists II

Chapel Hill Office

Listing: Chad Lloyd, The Jennifer Stenner Team

Listings Sold: Chad Lloyd, Carolina RE Coalition

Selling: Jennifer Patterson, Carolina RE Coalition

Quarter Referral:  Ann Koonce

Durham Office

Listing: Premier Agents Network, Tonya Snow Saleeby

Listings Sold: Premier Agents Network, David Jenkins

Selling: Premier Agents Network, Tonya Snow Saleeby

Quarter Referral: Nene Dacus

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: The English Team, Derrick Thornton

Listings Sold: The Penny Team, Jill Donley

Selling: The English Team,  Jason Brooks

Quarter Referral: Amy Re

Manager’s Award: The English Team, Jason Brooks, Derrick Thornton, and The Penny Team

Lochmere Office

Listing: Debbie Van Horn, Zies Realty Group, TeamSOLD

Listings Sold: Debbie Van Horn, Zies Realty Group, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Selling: Debbie Van Horn, Zies Realty Group, The Gluckin Group

Quarter Referral: Shonda Draughn

Manager’s Award: Liz Radman, Melinda Deigan, Suzan Smith, Deb Lepper, Emina Wayne, Debbie Van Horn, Brooke Smolka, McKenzie Pica, D’Lynn Nettles, Jenn Rowland, Chris Tanas, Peggy Dixon, Giselle Morgan, Pam Summers, Patty McLaughlin

Midtown Office

Listing: Kendra Kohut, Debbie Holoman Group, Pool-Hamilton Team

Listings Sold: Scott Matheny, Brooks-Warren Team, Pool-Hamilton Team

Selling: Chad Doggett, Team Gross, Pool-Hamilton Team

Quarter Referral: Susan Ramsey

Preston Office

Listing: Linda Britt, The RTP Team

Listings Sold: Carol Risucci, The RTP Team

Selling: Melissa Cetola, The RTP Team

Quarter Referral: Kate Halmedag

Manager’s Award: Melissa Cetola, Linda Britt, The RTP Team

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Marti Avant, Horowitz/Bouchard Team, J. T. Atwell Team

Listings Sold: Linda Nuxoll, Cara Pierce Team, John Hawkins Team

Selling: Linda Nuxoll, Horowitz/Bouchard Team, John Hawkins Team

Quarter Referral: Linda Nuxoll

Triangle East Office

Listing: Kelly Mathews, Stancil/Raynor Team, Capps/Fleming Team

Listings Sold: Shane Ryals, Capps/Fleming Team

Selling: Kathy Hill, Capps/Fleming Team

Quarter Referral: Kelly Mathews


Wake Forest Office

Listing: Donna Thompson, Renew Realty

Listings Sold: Donna Thompson

Selling: Melda Dunn

Rookie: Paige Wilson

Quarter Referral: Shauna Steward

Manager’s Award: Donna Thompson, Melda Dunn, Laura Pedersen, Anthony Laurie