Sales Leaders of Fonville Morisey

Congratulations to the June 2015 Associates & Teams of the Month!

Brier Creek Office                                                                                                    

Listing: Debbie Holoman, Duke/Smoot Team, Triangle Specialists Team
Listings Sold: Tania Tinsley Little, TLC Team, Triangle Specialists Team
Selling: Shirlette Leary, Duke/Smoot Team, Gombatz Group

Quarter Referral: Kim Saylor

Chapel Hill Office

Listing: Martha Newport, Heart of Carolina Team
Listings Sold: Kathy Legnaioli, Pace-Smith & Doan
Selling: Jennifer Patterson, Pace-Smith & Doan

Quarter Referral: Angela Bordbar

Croasdaile Office

Listing: Holly Hayes, The Kim Hanan Group
Listings Sold: Stephanie Gaither-Harris, The Kim Hanan Group
Selling: Holly Hayes, The Darst Success Team

Quarter Referral: Steve Gardner

Highway 54 Office

Listing: Laleh Rostami, The Pate Team
Listings Sold: Dusty Butler, Lory Brockenbrough & Associates
Selling: David Jenkins, Lory Brockenbrough & Associates

Quarter Referral: Justin Burleson

Lochmere Office

Listing: Debbie Van Horn, The M&M Team, Kelly Cobb Home Team
Listings Sold: Debbie Van Horn, Zies Realty Group, Kelly Cobb Home Team
Selling: Debbie Van Horn, Zies Realty Group, Kelly Cobb Home Team

Quarter Referral: Suzan Smith

Stonehenge Office

Listing: Pat Wray, Terry Thrower Team, Angela Drum Team
Listings Sold: Linda Nuxoll, Cara Pierce Team, Angela Drum Team
Selling: Linda Nuxoll, Cara Pierce Team, Angela Drum Team

Quarter Referral: Claudia Eades

Wake Forest Office

Listing: Donna Thompson, Triangle North Team
Listings Sold: Donna Thompson, Triangle North Team
Selling: Kaye Odum, Triangle North Team

Quarter Referral: Jennifer Arthur

Falls Office

Listing: Letitia Siderio, The Connor Team, Pool-Hamilton Team
Listings Sold: Lauire Parker, Brown-Bowers Team, Pool-Hamilton Team
Selling: Dawn Gupton, The Connor Team, Pool-Hamilton Team
New Homes Listing: n/a

Quarter Referral: Mike Siderio

Inside The Beltline Office

Listing: John Butler, Raleigh Home Team, John & Sandy English Team
Listings Sold: John Butler, Raleigh Home Team, John & Sandy English Team
Selling: Destiny Sutton, Penny Realty Group, John & Sandy English Team

Quarter Referral: Meg McKinnon

Preston Office

Listing: Shelley Watson, The RTP Team
Listings Sold: Linda Britt, Dennis/Massong Team
Selling: Linda Britt, The RTP Team

Manager Awards: Linda Britt, Louise Guemple, Kate Helmedag, Sharon Kowitz, Shiv Nunna, Beth Peterson, Tracy Santrock, Hank Saye, Pam Summers, Karen Tehrani, Tim Walters, Shelley Watson, The RTP Team, Dennis/Massong Team

Quarter Referral: Kim Dennis

Vandora Office

Listing: Jean Stevens, Veneta Ford Group
Listings Sold: Carol Sims, Veneta Ford Group
Selling: Kimberly Rowley, Veneta Ford Group

Quarter Referral: Kathy Pineau


Welcome to the Team!

Meet our new Fonville Morisey associates of June 2015!


Colandra Marrow, Brier Creek     Lewis Woodard, Brier Creek      Jamie Peacock, Croasdaile


Troy Grimes, Falls                         Jamie Daveiro, ITB                       Jessica Sulzen, Lochmere


Ken Smith, Lochmere                   Liz Mark, Lochmere

Jordan Gombatz, Brier Creek | Marc Oslar, Brier Creek | Kathryn Gregory, Chapel Hill

Stewart Orgain, Chapel Hill | Leigh Ann Thompson, ITB | Christine Rosin, Lochmere

Christy Collins, Lochmere | Debi Crowley, Lochmere | Emily Brock, Lochmere

John Thompson, Lochmere | Nicole Graham, Lochmere

FM Lending: It’s a Perfect Time to Buy for Everyone, Especially First-Time Homebuyers!

The following contribution is by Beth Prochaska, FM Lending Mortgage Consultant based out of our Fonville Morisey Inside the Beltline Sales Office. Thanks, Beth!

2716 Montgomery St Durham FMRealtyNow is a great time for First Time Homebuyers! Through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, if you do not own a home and make $85,000 or less, you can qualify for down payment assistance. The down payment loan is interest free and forgiven if you live in your home for 15 years.

Additionally, there are many loan programs that allow a gift from a family member to help with the closing costs of a loan. The minimal amount of money you will need up front when making an offer on a home is $1500 for earnest money and due diligence fees and approximately $550 for a home inspection. Parents can gift you this money if necessary.

At FM Lending, we offer a number of loan programs for First Time Homebuyers and we also are approved to originate the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency loans with down payment assistance.  The link will take you to the website to learn more about these wonderful programs.

Contact your FM Lending Mortgage Consultant TODAY to answer any questions and get pre-approved to buy your first home!

Image of 2716 Montgomery Street in Durham courtesy of Image current at time of publishing.

Fonville Morisey Annual Open House Event – THIS Sunday!

The Spring home buying season is in full swing in the Triangle. Once again, we’ve planned our annual Open House event where Triangle home buyers can tour OVER 100 of the homes our Agents have for sale. So, plan well!

This year’s event takes place THIS Sunday, April 19th from 2-5pm.

Fonville Morisey Open House Event 2015

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, emptying the nest, transferring into our community, or moving across town, we believe there is a home listed for sale that’s just for you! Please take a look at our inventory and start planning.

If you’ve got a question on mortgage rates and options, contact one of our FM Lending Mortgage Consultants as well. They’ll help you get approved for a loan that fits your budget!

‘Tis the Season! Now is the time to buy as mortgage interest rates remain at historic lows.

Got a question? We’ll be happy to help! Just contact your Fonville Morisey Sales Associate today.

We hope to see many of YOU on Sunday. Happy House Hunting!

Fonville Morisey Agents Celebrate 25 Plus Years!

And you thought 20 years was an accomplishment!

Today, we celebrate those have been with Fonville Morisey for 25 years or more. Listen as they tell us why they chose to have a career with Fonville Morisey.

Fonville Morisey Agents and Managers 25-30 years

Why Fonville Morisey?

Pool-Hamilton Team Fonville Morisey RealtyMella Pool of the highly successful Pool-Hamilton Team out of our Fonville Morisey Falls office simply states –

“The company has always had a high level of integrity.”



Kelly Cobb Fonville Morisey RealtyKelly Cobb with the Kelly Cobb Home Team associated with our Fonville Morisey Lochmere office had this to say -

“I value the principles of our great company after 27 years! They support my team and me, and share our values. The website is an added bonus…BEST in the Triangle!”


Harriette Doggett Fonville Morisey RealtyWhile Harriette Doggett, Assistant Manager of our Fonville Morisey Falls office in Raleigh says –

“From Day 1 of my 28 years with Fonville Morisey I have always felt that I was associated with a company whose business was built on a foundation of professionalism and integrity and that still holds true today. I’m proud to have built a very successful real estate career with Fonville Morisey.”


Congratulations to ALL of our Sales Associates and Managers (not to mention the staff too!) who have made Fonville Morisey their family for over 10 years. We appreciate you all!

Fonville Morisey Agents Celebrate 20 Plus Years!

In our on-going celebration of our agents and their commitment to having a successful career with Fonville Morisey, we celebrate those who have been with us for 20 PLUS years…and that’s quite an accomplishment! Listen to what some of them have to say about being associated with Fonville Morisey.

FMRealty 20-25 years of agents

Why Fonville Morisey?

Kay Earp Fonville Morisey“I have been in our business since April of 1974 and I am still as happy as can be in my chosen profession. Most of those years I have had an office on Kildaire Farm Road too. Isn’t that a hoot?! I cannot imagine choosing any other career than this exciting adventure that I am on every day! I love people and I love seeing them blossom and grow in the homes that I find for them. We meet as strangers and we become friends.” ~ Kay Earp with Fonville Morisey Lochmere

Jeanette Hussey Fonville Morisey Jeanette Hussey with Fonville Morisey Croasdaile simply says, “We are ‘family’! Between the technology, tools and support that are provided through Fonville Morisey Corporate to assist us in getting homes SOLD and the family atmosphere, where else would I be?!”


Gloria Haywood Fonville Morisey RealtyGloria Haywood with Fonville Morisey Falls office adds –

“Joining Fonville Morisey almost 25 years ago has proven to be the BEST decision of my career…proven integrity, top-notch educational opportunities AND I’ve had lots of FUN to boot!”


Fonville Morisey Agents Celebrate 15 Years Plus – Part 2!

Continuing our celebration of those who have chosen their careers with Fonville Morisey, here is Part 2 from our 15 Years Plus group!

FMRealty 15-20 years

Why Fonville Morisey?

Marti Avant FMRealty“There is no other place that I would rather work. Fonville Morisey trains its agents well, respects us for the work we do, and gives us all the opportunities to be successful.” ~ Marti Avant, Fonville Morisey Stonehenge.


Betty Parker FMRealtyBetty Parker at Fonville Morisey Lochmere had this to add -

“I have been a REALTOR with Fonville Morisey for over 17 years. I have remained with Fonville Morisey’s Lochmere office because they embrace not just me, but my family and family values.”

Kathy Legnaioli FMRealtyKathy Lenaioli with Fonville Morisey Chapel Hill simply says – “Ethics, honesty, and LOTS of training, all of which have kept me with Fonville Morisey all these years.”


Debbie Parker FMRealtyDebbie Parker of Fonville Morisey Falls office says -

“Fonville Morisey continues striving to serve our community with honesty, integrity, positive energy, and an underlying “Golden Rule” compass. Each of us are building our towns within the Triangle, one ‘SOLD’ home at a time. I am pleased to be a part of that!”


Sheryl Ward FMRealtyWhile Sheryl Ward at Fonville Morisey Lochmere adds, “For me, I’m very proud of what I can do for my clients through Fonville Morisey!”


Chuck Schroeder FMRealtyChuck Schroeder talks about the team work and camaraderie at Fonville Morisey Chapel Hill. “My fellow agents are the reason I have been here for so long; just a GREAT bunch of people who do know how to work together to succeed!”


Angela French FMRealty“When I was deciding to move to the Raleigh area in 1998 I considered affiliating only with Fonville Morisey. Kelly Cobb and I had been friends for years and I knew she was top notch, so how could I miss! I’ve never regretted the decision to align myself with folks who aim to do the right thing, regardless.” ~ Angela French, Fonville Morisey Lochmere


Sandy Brown FMRealtySandy Brown with Fonville Morisey Falls office also says, “Fonville Morisey is a company with high integrity and character…And I love the people I work with!”


Maureen Williams FMRealtyMaureen Williams with Fonville Morisey Lochmere further states, “I came to Fonville Morisey fifteen years ago for the name recognition and multiple offices that would be at my disposal. I have stayed for those reasons and many more. This is an ever-changing business. Fonville Morisey agents get some of the most intensive upfront and ongoing training in the industry. Additionally, my coworkers have always made me feel welcome. I can rely on them. Our network seems to be able to come up with answers to all sorts of requests.”

Logan Carter FMRealtyAnd Logan Carter of our Highway 54 office in Durham shares this great story about how he got here –

When I got my real estate license in 1997 and was trying to decide what firm I wanted to associate myself with, I went to every real estate company that I was interested in where the Broker in charge would grant me an appointment and made an appointment to meet that Broker. I showed up an hour early for that appointment and sat in the lobby of all those offices and listened and watched to see how the agent treated each other and what they said after the hung up the phone. I met the brokers who were in charge of those real estate companies. After that experience, there was no question. Hands down Fonville Morisey was the most professional, most courteous, and best led and managed real estate company that I could work with. It was true then. I think it is still true now. That is why I have stayed with the same real estate company and the same office for 17 years.


Fonville Morisey Agents Celebrate 15 Plus Years – Part 1!

FMRealty 15-20 years

In the next installment celebrating the longevity of our Fonville Morisey family members, those who have chosen to maintain their career with our brokerage, we celebrate those who have been with us for 15+ years. Just like with our 10+ celebration, we had so many that wished to explain why they chose Fonville Morisey that we’ve had to split this group up into two posts. So, without further adieu…

Why Fonville Morisey?

 Frank Gombatz FMRealty“There are so many things to say! How ’bout I just say – ‘Fonville Morisey Realty – Home of Family, Friend and the Finest Service in Real Estate!’”~ Frank Gombatz, Fonville Morisey Brier Creek

You got it, Frank!

Jane Jordan FMRealty


Jane Jordan of Fonville Morisey Falls office simply says -

“One word – INTEGRITY.”

And she’s been with the company for 18 years!


Rhomni Williams 200x300Rhomni Williams, Fonville Morisey Vandora had this to say -

“Location, location, location! With the myriad of Fonville Morisey offices located strategically throughout The Triangle and the fact that we are in The Triangle – a HOT market – you can’t beat any of that. I can meet a client at my office in Garner, tour a home in Wake Forest and know that if I need to use our technological resources closer to the transaction, I can drive on over to our Wake Forest office to do just that. Again, location, location, location!”

Judy Lamb 225x300


Judy Lamb, also of Fonville Morisey Vandora says, “It’s truly been a pleasure for 16 years and counting!”

Linda Richardson FMRealtyLinda Richardson of Fonville Morisey Lochmere shares -

“I am proud to be a member of the BEST real estate company in The Triangle. The integrity and work ethic of this company is unbeatable! We are a dynamic group of true professionals. We work hard every day to makethe process of buying and selling real estate a great experience for our clients!”

Lois Kurtz FMRealtyFifteen+ year veteran, Lois Kurtz of Fonville Morisey Vandora says, “We have the BEST Brokers and BEST Managers in the business!”


Carolyn Hare FMRealtyCarolyn Hare, Fonville Morisey Vandora adds -

“I have stayed because of the GREAT people – It has been FAMILY. This office (FM Vandora) has always supported me and been there for me at all times.”


Marie Santino FMRealtyMarie Santino of Fonville Morisey Lochmere sums it up -

“I have been with Fonville Morisey since 1997. It is a company with incredible values, ethics and customer service. I have always felt I was part of a wonderful family.”



Fonville Morisey Agents & Managers Celebrate 10 Plus Years – Part 2!

FMRealty 10 to 15 years

Earlier this week, we shared some fantastic testimonials from our Agents and Managers sharing the many reasons why they have continued their real estate career at Fonville Morisey. Since the group of “10 plus years” is so large, we had to split up their testimonials into two posts. Please continue reading -

Why Fonville Morisey?

Brent Chambers FMRealty“Fonville Morisey has consistently sought to educate and guide their agents to grow a successful real estate business. That ‘top down’ nurturing philosophy pervades the firm and has created regional offices populated with agents that support and promote one another. Fonville Morisey is always forward thinking in vetting and embracing new technology to help agents work efficiently, effectively and with the highest ethical standards. I have never felt there was another real estate firm with better resources or higher standards. ~ Brent C. Chambers, Fonville Morisey Chapel Hill

David Jenkins FMRealtyDavid Jenkins of Fonville Morisey Highway 54 adds -

“Leadership, vision, name recognition, market share, strategically-located offices, a fabulous IT department and a great website – those are the reasons why I would rather work at Fonville Morisey Realty than anywhere else.”

Paula Hellem FMRealtyPaula Hellem at Fonville Morisey Lochmere simply said -

“I have always been proud to be a part of an amazing group of people that strives to do their best!”

Kathy Stancil FMRealtyKathy Stancil at Fonville Morisey Vandora had this to say -

“Fonville Morisey is a GREAT company that looks after its agents, so much so that there is very little turnover. Add to that the myriad of tools available to each as well as the fact they are constantly adding new ones, Fonville Morisey is a great place to be!”

Angela Bordbar FMRealty“I am in my twelfth year with Fonville Morisey. I remain affiliated because ethics are a priority, and the company fosters agents who are friendly, supportive and helpful to one another and their clients. I can depend on Fonville Morisey to provide me with the countless tools and resources I need to make me more knowledgeable, productive and efficient so I can, in turn, provide my clients the high quality of service they have come to expect from me.” ~ Angela Bordbar of Fonville Morisey Chapel Hill

Veneta Ford 448x550Veneta Ford of Fonville Morisey Vandora also adds -

“I have been with Fonville Morisey because of the backbone they share in the market. They are one of the leading real estate companies and being with the BEST is important to me!”

Regina Crouse FMRealtyRegina Crouse of Fonville Morisey Falls makes her point short and sweet -

“Fonville Morisey IS an extension of my family.”

Kay Raymond FMRealtyAnd finally, Kay Raymond of Fonville Morisey Lochmere had this to say -

“Fonville Morisey CARES…about our Clients, our Employees and yes, about our REALTORS®. Fonville Morisey works hard to support us so we can have the very best tools to help us give great service to our Clients too!”


Help Us Give Breast Cancer the Boot! Fonville Morisey Fundraises for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

by Lisa Sullivan, Digital Media Marketing Director

FMRealty Komen 2014

According to, in 2015 there will be almost 300,000 new cases of Breast Cancer in women and nearly 60,000 new cases in men in the United States. There is still not a cure for this disease and considering it affects so many of us – ourselves, our family members, our friends – it is this reason why the Fonville Morisey family of Sales Associates, Staff, Loan Officers, etc. participate every year in the Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure. This year’s race is on June 13th.

FMRealty Komen Cancer BootEach of our 11 sales offices have begun fundraising and this year’s Fonville Morisey theme is “Give Cancer the Boot!” If you should stop in to sign your paperwork, meet with an Agent or Loan Officer, or perhaps you’re just delivering a package, why not take your spare change out of your pocket and drop it in one of our cute little pink boots?

And between now and June 13th our offices will also be hosting various fundraising mini-events as well. Be sure and keep up with their Facebook Pages to find out when their next public event may be or just to keep up with all the fundraising action!

Fonville Morisey Brier Creek (Raleigh)

Fonville Morisey Chapel Hill

Fonville Morisey Croasdaile (Durham)

Fonville Morisey Falls office (Raleigh)

Fonville Morisey Highway 54 (Durham)

Fonville Morisey ITB (Raleigh)

Fonville Morisey Lochmere (Cary)

Fonville Morisey Preston (Cary)

Fonville Morisey Stonehenge (Raleigh)

Fonville Morisey Vandora (Garner)

Fonville Morisey Wake Forest

If you’d like to check out some of the images from last year’s fundraising events and the BIG event itself – the Komen Triangle Race, please visit our Facebook Page album.

Most of all, if you’d like to donate to the cause or better yet, join us, we’d love it! Just click this link to find your Fonville Morisey team of choice. If you’ve never attended the Triangle Komen Race, trust us when we say it’s incredibly inspirational.

Please help us Give Cancer the Boot! Together we can kick Breast Cancer to the curb.

Last year’s 2014 Fonville Morisey Team picture courtesy of Vickie Cardin.