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by | Sep 15, 2016 | Marketing |

Are some of your listings collecting dust? Not sure how to create more interest in some of your older listings? Finding new marketing ideas for your existing listings can be challenging, so we’re going to give you three ways to re-market your listing. These are sure-fire ways to increase engagement and the appeal of listings that may have fallen to the wayside.

Change the Appearance

One of the biggest challenges of real estate marketing is selling a house that isn’t visually appealing. Statistics say that potential buyers make a decision in 30 seconds about purchasing. Touch up the curb appeal of the property by changing the landscape. Give the home a fresh coat of paint. Stage the home. Even taking photos at dusk or dawn could change the entire look of the property. With this change in appearance, you’ve given yourself a new marketing opportunity! Aesthetic changes can help you appeal to an entirely new customer base, and increase the interest in your listing.

Change the Message

Did your previous marketing fall flat? Present the listing in a new way by changing the message you’re sending out. Update your marketing materials with new photos and a fresh message. For example, if you have a “Gorgeous Golf Course Home” that doesn’t seem to be generating any interest, try changing the message to something like “Home in an Active Community!” By changing the messaging, you’re able to re-target your audience to appeal to a different demographic. This sends a message to potential buyers that the community is active, or that they could find a community that suits their lifestyle, instead of stating that the home is gorgeous and on the golf course.

3 Ways to Re-Market Your Property

Change Your Audience

Why change my audience, you ask? If your listing is collecting dust and looming on the expiration date – you might want to consider that your current audience and marketing tactics might be too narrowed, or too broad. A narrowed message means you have limited and maybe even eliminated potential buyers. Being too broad raises the concern that you haven’t chosen a target audience and you run the risk of not being able to keeping the interest of the buyers you have already attracted. The best way to effectively market your listing is to create unique marketing content that appeals to the correct audience and doesn’t sound exclusive in the process, then finding the right marketing platform to broadcast your message to your target audience.

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