Go Back in Time at the NC State Fair

This past Thursday an annual rite of fall begun its 10-day stay here in the Triangle – the North Carolina State Fair. While most people sample all the deep-friend goodness (deep-fried Kool-Aid anyone?), ride the midway rides to their hearts content (or until their stomachs tell them it’s time to stop), we wanted to focus on the wonder of the Flower & Garden and the traditions of the Heritage Circle exhibits.

Image courtesy of Lisa Sullivan. (c) 2011. All Rights Reserved

Heritage Circle offers visitors a unique step back in time to the days of learning an old-fashioned trade (like Blacksmithing) or the tasting of such delights as homemade ice cream. The Circle also hosts Bluegrass shows each day and for the kids there are puppet shows too. One little known fact, if you don’t want to miss your weekly worship opportunity, there is one right on the Fair grounds at the historic old church within the Circle (service times are 8:30 and 11am).  Heritage Circle gives you a chance to step back to a simpler life devoid of iPhones, iPads, iThis, and iThats. Although in many respects, the iThats of the world can make life simpler.

Image courtesy of Lisa Sullivan. (c) 2011. All Rights Reserved.

When you’ve had your fill of Heritage Circle, head on over to the Flower and Garden Show. Meander through its walkway surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens grown by local organizations or take in one of over 90 demonstrations to be held throughout the course of it’s 10-day exhibition. One of the most popular attractions at the Flower and Garden show is sitting atop the GIANT Adirondack chair for a picture opportunity.  If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired to have a “green thumb”, spend some time in the Flower and Garden exhibit.  If you’re a home owner, you never know. That just might very well happen!

The NC State Fair runs daily 9am-9:45pm until October 23rd. Admission ranges from FREE to $8 depending on your status (i.e. adult, military, child 5 and under, child 6-12, senior citizen, etc.). Check NCStateFair.org for more information.

If you are so inspired by the exhibits at Heritage Circle or the Flower and Garden show, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear all about it and maybe we’ll feature YOU in an upcoming blog post!



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