Fonville Morisey Brings You a “Business For Life”

Beginning this September, our Fonville Morisey Real Estate School brought a whole new dimension to education for those just entering the real estate market as a new REALTOR™.  A group of 22 brand new Fonville Morisey professionals just embarked on a four-day intensive course entitled “Business For Life” created and led by Instructor, Vicki Ferneyhough…and it was a success!

This course is designed to help a new associate understand what is involved in starting a real estate business. New associates learn the answers to such questions like – where is my business going to come from? What is my business plan? How do I generate income? And, of course the BIG one – how long will it take me to make money?

In order to qualify for this class an associate must be hired by Fonville Morisey and have completed the 2 weeks of initial training. They must have also compiled a personal database.

Business for Life will be offered to experienced associates as well who are looking for ways to jump start a career and want to be more competitive in today’s challenging market.

“I think Vicki was absolutely amazing! I was kind of leery about how I really need to get my business started since I am very new to the business. After taking ‘A Business for Life’ I feel like I have the tools I really need to get my business going and to be successful. I can’t wait to have Vicki for CE classes and Post-Licensing!” ~ Michael Newport, Hwy 54

Vicki Ferneyhough in action Business For Life

Vicki Ferneyhough in action as she teaches our new associates a "Business For Life"

The accolades don’t stop there:

This class is just the ‘kick in the pants’ I needed.” ~ Shirlette Leary, Brier Creek

“I think ‘Business For Life’ is the missing link between corporate training and real life.” ~ Lisa Fain, Preston

“This gives me the energetic jumpstart I needed!” ~ Bekki Watkins, Lochmere

Bekki Watkins eagerly taking notes!

If you have been thinking about a career in real estate our next Open House is scheduled to take place at our Durham location on October 12th from 11am-1:00pm just across from the Streets of SouthPoint.

Special thanks to Chick-Fil-A North Hills Raleigh for our delicious lunch as we rounded out our first session of “Business For Life”.

Join Fonville Morisey as a REALTOR™ and you too could have a “Business For Life”!

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