Historic Oakwood: Urban, Historic and Walkable

Oakwood, a shady oasis bursting with history, architectural integrity and a unique sense of individuality, is Raleigh’s only remaining 19th century neighborhood.

In the wake of the Civil War, the wooded area formerly known as ‘Mordecai Grove,’ was divided into parcels and sold to local developers. The newly conceived suburb quickly evolved into an upper middle-class community resplendent with a variety of Victorian architecture. Each statuesque home, elaborately ornamental in its own right, has contributed to a neighborhood aesthetic that is all it’s own. Decoratively rich, each dwelling boasts individuality though the majority of Historic Oakwood’s homes were built to include covered wrap-around porches, fanciful wood trim and a medley of decorative accouterments. Designated a historic district in 1974, the tree-lined community continues to radiate with a unique and vintage charm.

Strolling through the peaceful neighborhood, it’s impossible not to notice the abounding residential pride, an aspect that’s apparent in both the structural preservation and landscape cultivation. Local pride reaches its peak twice a year. First, in the spring, when the annual Garden Tour and Victorian Tea showcases a collection of beautifully maintained backyards, and secondly, in December, when the Candlelit Tour of Homes illuminates a selection of private interiors.

Whether walking, running or biking, Oakwood’s abundant sidewalks are the ideal setting for outdoor activities, and a number of designated recreational areas make the perfect destination for any such medium. A small fenced-in playground, a well-manicured baseball field, a sprawling off-leash dog park and the 102 acre Oakwood Cemetery welcome residents and visitors alike.

With several restaurants, two beauty salons and a pharmacy, famous for its old fashioned milkshakes, all within neighborhood confines, Oakwood is as convenient as it is beautiful. Walking distance from the heart of downtown Raleigh, the area is also proximate to a variety of dining destinations, several local boutiques, a number of art galleries, and great collection of seasonal activities and downtown events.

A urban oasis, rich with history and architectural integrity, Historic Oakwood represents the best of the past and the convenience of the present. First time home-owners, Rick and Sara, summed it up perfectly in saying, “When we first decided to buy, we looked everywhere, but nothing felt like Oakwood… It was as if we were immediately part of a community, and the fact that our house is over 100 years-old doesn’t hurt either.”

Interested in exploring this urban historic neighborhood? We’d be happy to show you around this ITB Raleigh gem, get in touch and let us help you find your perfect home.

What is your favorite part about Historic Oakwood? Have you been to the Candlelight Tour or Garden Tour and Tea? Tell us about it!

2 thoughts on “Historic Oakwood: Urban, Historic and Walkable

  1. Jeff Tippett

    Great post. Strangely enough, one of my favorite places is the Oakwood Cemetery. I love to stroll through the streets with a wine glass in hand. I get a lot of thinking done there. Thanks for posting.


  2. lasullivan

    Thanks for reading, Jeff! I think you've given us an idea for a follow-up blog post on yet another fascinating spot in the Historic Oakwood district. We'll keep you posted.


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