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A Bittersweet Return to Raleigh for Garner’s Scotty McCreery

And Fonville Morisey was there to see it all unfold. What a night!

Image courtesy of Whitney Lanier. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

On July 27th, our very own American Idol Scotty McCreery returned to his home base, so to speak, to grab a little Bojangles as well as meet the press and some of his fans, all before he took the stage later that evening.  Several of us from Fonville Morisey, along with our guests (approximately 40 or so), were there to witness Scotty make his Raleigh debut at the RBC Center, where the likes of such artists as Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, and Bon Jovi have performed.

Scotty wasn’t the only one on our minds.  We have missed his mother, Judy McCreery who has been an agent with us for over ten years.  Since Scotty is still under age (though that’s hard to believe when you see him perform!), Judy is spending the summer travelling with Scotty as the Tour swings around the nation.  Some of us got to chat with her back stage while others had the pleasure of greeting her as she made her rounds to the floor seating where many of the concert-goers were from the McCreery hometown of Garner, North Carolina.  No matter where we met up with her, it was just good to see her!

Several of those attended share their thoughts –

“It was an over the top experience being at the RBC watching the American Idols on tour. Scotty has such a rich voice and a wide range from tenor to base.  He seems so natural on stage and really connected well with his raving fans last night…including members of The Kelly Cobb Home Team.  Our only regret…he did not sing more than a few songs…we were not ready to let him leave Raleigh!”

Kelly Cobb

“This Idol performance tripled my expectations and I went with high expectations!  It was absolutely OVER THE TOP in every way, and our boy Scotty rocked the house…a full house by the way!”

Jane Jordan

“Last night’s show was spectacular! We personally witnessed an up front, close (and almost personal) well-deserving current star with God’s favor. A future legend and one of our own, is from right here in Garner – Scotty McCreery.  Scotty is a great person, singer, artist, role model……..America’s next Frank Sinatra (but even bigger)!”

Paul Capps

Check out this slide show of images from the concert contributed by several of our Fonville Morisey attendees:


We want to know if you attended, what did you think of the show, Scotty, etc.?  Did Scotty live up to your expectations too?

The next thing on Scotty’s agenda – his debut album.  There’s a whole lot of buzz around that already. We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to hear it!

Special thanks to Paul Capps, Whitney Lanier (daughter of Sue Lanier) as well as her friend Kiera Whitley, and Lisa Sullivan for slideshow images.

Fonville Morisey Preston Donates to Kids Summer Stock

Donations collected at Fonville Morisey Preston

Earlier this week we told you about our Brier Creek office and their efforts in giving to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s Kids Summer Stock Program.  During the second week of our food drive challenge our Preston office also stepped up to the plate with donations of upwards of 12 full bags!

To celebrate their winning efforts Lisa Sullivan, Digital Media Marketing Director, dropped by the office to learn about their philanthropy program; particularly how it pertains to this initiative. Take a look!


Thank you, Preston, for stepping up to the plate and giving to this worthy cause!

There’s just TWO days left. If you’d like to donate, please drop by one of our branch offices today and tomorrow. We’ll gladly accept all donations! Don’t forget to say hi to the friendly staff too.

Stay tuned next week for more news of the winners from last week’s challenge!

Scotty McCreery Comes Home to Raleigh's RBC Center

And Fonville Morisey is right there to welcome him back with open arms!

The day is here and our contingent is ready and raring to watch as our American Idol, Scotty McCreery takes the stage in Raleigh tonight.

Pride doesn’t even cover our enthusiasm.  After witnessing his rise on the pop culture show of the same name, after spending each week in Scotty’s hometown watching with his fans, the hometown pride is palpable still.

The following is a short video that shows Scotty just how excited we are. You’ll need to turn your volume up, though. Clips were compiled in various means and as such sound quality is not all that fabulous…and that’s OK! The important thing is we are all welcoming Scotty home with big hearts because….well…we love him this BIG.


Are you READY? What performance are you looking most forward to?

See you tonight at the RBC Center!

Special thanks to Jane Purtell (Cary), Jane Jordan (Falls Office), Judy Watts, Carolyn Kasdorf, Vanessa Castillo, Anthony Pellegrino (Lochmere office), and Mary Severs (Brier Creek office) for contributing to this piece.

Fonville Morisey Brier Creek Gives to Kids Summer Stock

We are midway through our Fonville Morisey food drive challenge.  We have asked each of our offices to donate to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s Kids Summer Stock program so that the children in our immediate community don’t go hungry this summer due to lack of nutrition that they usually receive during the school year as a part of the free and reduced lunch programs.  Our Brier Creek office stepped up to the plate collecting upwards of six bags of donations for this cause.

Lisa Kaylor, Assistant to the Managing Broker, had this to say about their involvement:

We here at Brier Creek always feel the need to give back to the community that we are so fortunate enough to be a part of. The Kids Summer Stock program has been an easy and fun way to do that.  What a great program!”

We love that all of our branches are doing what they can to raise awareness for this cause because, as Lisa said, these are communities they are fortunate enough to be a part of.  Talk about celebrating your community!

Thank you, Brier Creek for working so hard at this effort. We (and I’m sure the Food Bank) appreciates your efforts.

Later this week, you’ll hear from the Preston office as they won the second-week challenge collecting upwards of 10+ bags for the initiative. Way to go, Everyone!

Note: the above images are all part of a gallery. Click on an image and it opens to the larger size in the slideshow.

Fonville Morisey Highway 54 Durham Office First to Collect 8 Plus Bags of Donations for Food Bank CENC

While the Chapel Hill office was the first to register collection of four bags in our summer food drive, the Highway 54 Durham office was the first to collect over eight-plus bags of donations for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s Kids Summer Stock program.

Digital Media Marketing Director, Lisa Sullivan, visited the location in its second week of collections to learn about the heart and passion behind this office’s efforts.  She spoke with Fonville Morisey Sales Associate, Liz Schoeneberger about their initiatives. Take a look!


Congratulations on a job well done!

Next week, we’ll feature two more Fonville Morisey branch offices as they continue efforts to raise awareness for the needs of the Kids Summer Stock program. Stay tuned.