Triangle Real Estate: Why Full Service Matters for Buyers and Sellers

What comes to mind when you think of buying a house or selling your home? Most likely, you feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension.  There is the exhilarating promise of something new: a movement forward toward things to come.  At the same time, there can be a burden of nostalgia, uncertainty about what to do next and unfamiliarity with the territory.  At Fonville Morisey, we want you to experience the fun side of real estate, the exploration and discovery followed by the brave step forward!

The assistance of a full-service REALTOR can be an incredible asset when it comes to navigating this process.  In a buyers market, like the one we’re in now, it is more important than ever that real estate transactions be guided by someone with experience.  This makes it a prime time to seek a full-service REALTOR, rather than casually approaching the market.  Some buyers and sellers can be drawn in by lower fees and limited service, but unfortunately, many times you get what you pay for. Sellers may find their homes staying on the market longer with repeatedly reduced prices, and buyers may find themselves viewing homes that are outside the scope of their home-owning dreams!

Full-service real estate REALTORS, like those at Fonville Morisey, walk you through what can sometimes seem like a real estate maze, going above and beyond to ensure a successful real estate venture.

When buying a home, a full-service REALTOR will:

  • Coordinate a home search based on your ideal criteria
  • Research zoning, property taxes and prior permits
  • Assist you with real estate contract structuring
  • Help negotiate terms with the seller
  • Counsel you in negotiating any repairs to the property
  • Offer financing tips to help you qualify for a loan
  • Handle all the details of closing on your new home (so that you can concentrate on other things – like packing!)

If you have a home for sale, the services of a full-service real estate agent will:

  • Help you find a qualified buyer more quickly and easily than on your own
  • Assist you with home staging
  • Advise you in properly pricing the house to sell
  • Create a marketing strategy and schedule home showings for potential buyers
  • Assist with open houses
  • Guide your contract negotiations and repairs
  • Handle the closing details

With all these details in your agent’s hands, your time is freed up to handle your own personal details of preparing for your move.

Today, having a home for sale means much more than just placing a sign in the yard, so let one of the Triangle’s full-service real estate agents at Fonville Morisey help you the whole way.  Drop us a note today, we look forward to hearing from you!

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