The following contribution comes from our Sharon Pelt, Vice President of Career Development with the Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies who is also a member of the Board of Directors for The North Carolina State Capitol Foundation. Here she shares a little history of our State Capitol building and invites our readers to check out a one of a kind event, the Foundation’s annual Oyster Roast.

NC State Capitol Foundation Board Members FMRealty(Sharon is in the back row-middle)

As a licensed real estate broker and educator in the state of North Carolina, it is my privilege to sit on the Board of this amazing Foundation that works tirelessly to support the programs and preserve the history of our very own North Carolina State Capitol. The building itself is rich in history. Did you know it’s also a National Historic Landmark too? That’s just one of the many reasons we North Carolinians need to work together to keep its history alive.

At some point, perhaps, everyone has chaperoned a group of school kids on a tour of the North Carolina State Capitol building or at least driven by this historic building located at 1 Edenton Street in downtown Raleigh. The Capitol completed in 1840 is one of the best preserved examples of a civic building in the Greek Revival style of architecture. Now, imagine it all lit up in a one of a kind unique event!

NC State Capitol Foundation Oyster Roast 2013 FMRealty

On the evening of October 10th you will be able to see your State Capitol in a whole new light…literally. The North Carolina State Capitol Foundation will host its 3rd annual Oyster Roast on the east grounds of the Capitol from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by The Embers featuring Craig Woolard and guests will be able to bid on a number of unique items at a silent auction along with dinner and dancing.

Guest will enjoy delicious food provided by Schuckers and the menu will include oysters, both raw and steamed, shrimp cocktail, ham biscuits, chicken skewers, cold slaw, green beans, cheese and fruit and mini cupcakes PLUS plenty of North Carolina beer, wine and soft drinks.

Funds raised at this event will benefit the historic education programs and the ongoing preservation and restoration efforts for the 174 year old Capitol. Tickets are $75.00 each and are available for purchase online at, or contact me at 919-785-4371.

Come and join us for a unique experience and an opportunity to truly see your State Capitol in a whole new light.

To check out more images from last year’s event, please visit The North Carolina State Capitol Foundation Flickr feed.

Images courtesy of The North Carolina State Capitol Foundation and used by permission. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.



10 Tips to Keep REALTORS Safe While on the Job

by fmrealty on September 12, 2014

The following contribution comes from our Jan Pulley, Sales Associate with the Fonville Morisey Highway 54 office in Durham. She recently attended the Durham Regional Association of REALTORS® safety seminar and shares the tips she learned as part of REALTOR® Safety Month. Thanks for sharing, Jan!

Realtor safety FMRealtyI struggle with a healthy dose of fear in my life. I fear snakes. I fear driving on I-40 when I drive to Raleigh from Durham. But, I don’t fear being a female working in a new career where much of my work is my putting myself in vulnerable situations. I show houses to strangers. I host Open Houses by myself. I walk to my car at all hours of the day & night with no one knowing my agenda or destination.

On Monday, the fine folks at DRAR held a Safety Seminar led by a duo of black belt safety mavens who deftly demonstrated some simple tips to keep us vigilant and out of harm’s way as we go about the business of selling real estate. The following are just a few of the ladies’ words of wisdom:

  1. Go with your gut. Pay attention to that nudge of alarm in your spirit. If you sense something isn’t quite right, give yourself permission to follow that instinct.
  2. Don’t put yourself inside a house with someone if you aren’t feeling at ease. Walk around the house to check on exit strategies if you’re going INTO the house with a stranger.
  3. Have 9-1-1 set to speed dial on your phone and carry it and your car keys with you at all times.
  4. Have your office develop a SAFE word that will serve as an alert that you are in trouble and to send help.
  5. Learn the 7 vital points of weakness on the body that you should target if someone tries to grab you: 1) Eyes 2) Nose 3) Throat / Neck /Windpipe 4) Groin 5) Knees 6) Shin 7) Instep / Top of Foot.
  6. Make a fist of steel by curling your fingers down into the palm and bringing your thumb up and over the rolled fingers.
  7. The area between the fist and elbow is a strong rod to come against a windpipe of an attacker who grabs you from behind.
  8. Freezing is the most likely and unfortunate response when accosted by an attacker. The best remedy to keep from freezing is to remember to BREATHE. Breathing allows you the chance to get O2 to the brain to think of a solution to the situation. Breathing stops the FREEZE.
  9. Make as much noise as possible when confronted by an attacker. A nice, loud YELL (not a SCREAM) of “NO!” will startle the attacker, shift the power base and give you time to to make an escape.
  10. If an attacker forces you into a car and orders you to drive somewhere, crash the car into something. Make a commotion and a ruckus. Draw attention to your situation.

BREATHE. That’s the most important thing to do in the situation to SURVIVE…and that’s a bonus tip too! I know I mentioned breathing before but really, that was probably the most important tip they gave us.

Realtor safety FMRealtyI pray I never have to use any of this instruction and wisdom, but I’m grateful to now have an action plan if  I am ever in a difficult situation. Up until yesterday I had always figured I could swing my 75 lb. purse at the perpetrator and do serious damage. Now I realize I need to incorporate these tips into practice.

Many thanks to the SafeSkills, Inc. Team: Beth Seigler and Kathy Hopwood for their powerful and enlightening workshop. These ladies offer a Self Defense Class for Women on October 4 from 1-5pm at the SafeSkills Training Center at 3702 Hillsborough Rd, in Durham. Pre-registration required. Class is $75. Reserve your spot by calling: 919-644-1335.

It’s unfortunate that we have to consider our safety, but I’m glad there are experts out there to teach us ways to keep us safe.

Editor’s Note: We’d also like to add a tip from our Carla Bartolomeo (also of the FM Hwy 54 office) who suggested the FREE app – Emergensee. In her words - 

“I have an app on my iPhone called Emergensee. You set up 2 or 3 contacts and if you press the icon when in trouble, it alerts your contacts. If you don’t close it, then the police are also alerted. They track your location through your phone. Did I mention it’s a FREE app?!”

We have not tested this ourselves but we thought it sounded like a good app to check out. If you have any additional tips, please leave a comment below!

(Images by Jan Pulley)


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